MJV Technology & Innovation has over 20 years of experience in advising on innovation strategies and solving technological challenges for some of the world's largest companies. Our offices are spread worldwide: with offices in Europe, the US and Latin America.

Our consultancy is made up of a multidisciplinary team of over 800 employees, including designers, engineers, anthropologists, data scientists, developers, entrepreneurs, and more. All our professionals are dedicated to creating innovative solutions in order to increase our client's business value.

Known for collaborative work, MJV uses Design Thinking and an Agile Mindset in every project developed.

Who we are

Development and implementation of personalized services for Business Analytics, IT and the Internet of Things.

Digital Strategy

Development and implementation of business strategy and user experience in order to build a Digital Transformation pillar in every business model.

UX, UI, Marketing and IT experts are allocated to business, with full assistance from MJV in order to optimize solutions.

Development and implementation of innovative solutions to reduce cost, raise profit and generate new business models.

Business Innovation

Professional Outsourcing

Technology Consulting

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Data Science Experience (XP)

Data Science Experience offers a true immersion into the world of Data Science. The event includes several dynamic activities, including a data science canvas that was developed to generate ideas and solutions and thus improve the “data experience” of your company. The process is guided by our experts and involves both theoretical and practical elements.

During the event, you will understand how uniting the Design Thinking methodology with Data Analysis will help you: 

 How to monetize your data

Build customer loyalty

Reach your target audience

Identify customer profiles

Identify fraud patterns 

Increase productivity

Generate client insight

How to think about products focused on personas

Target audience

The Data Science XP was created for decision-makers who are looking to understand the variety of applications of Data Science that are available in different industries.

Content covered

Data Science XP is made up of that insert Data Science in daily projects, simplifying their application and understanding. The decision-makers who take part in the event will be able to:

Discuss Data Science with experts

Learn how to run DS Projects

Understand decision models

Preview results

Learn how to use a DS Canvas

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MJV is guided by four structured pillars:

MJV is guided by 4 pillars:

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Data Science: what is it?

In general, Data Science relates to data gathering, processing, and analysis. It is an analytical process that can be used to extract information from a large source (Big Data) in order to increase company assertiveness and productivity. Through Data Science, decision making becomes more assertive, internal processes are optimized, and more diverse businesses are successfully launched.

Design Driven Data Science

The MJV Design Driven Data Science model is based on the combined innovation strategy of Data Science and Design Thinking. It was created to provide more agility and assertiveness for companies when transforming data into innovative products and services.

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Data Science XP is made up of that insert Data Science in daily projects, simplifying their application and understanding. The decision-makers who take part in the event will be able to:

Ebook - Strategic IT: The game changer

Ebook - Data Science: The infinity war

Ebook - Business Analytics: The data age has already started

Blockchain: way beyond the cryptocurrencies

Unravelling the mysteries of Data Science

DevOps: Reduce your IT delivery time